Book design services

Book design services

Book design

GoodBooks book design is customized to your book’s genre and topic. See portfolio here.

How it works:

  • Your book is formatted, according to professional guidelines outlined in Chicago Manual of Style, the standard for book publishing
  • You have a choice of sizes, fonts and colours
  • You end up with an attractive book that matches the professional standard for book production.
  • Once layout is approved, the file will be converted to a high resolution pdf file. Depending on your choice of printer, the file will be supplied to you or managed further by GoodBooks.

Cover design

GoodBooks creates cover designs that attracts your audience and are suited to the topic of your book. See portfolio here.

How it works:

  • Consultation with client on design concept based on book topic and genre
  • Provide two sample layouts for client to choose from (includes cover, spine and back cover)
  • Client can either supply images from stock photography or let GoodBooks source photos
  • Once cover is approved, GoodBooks will provide the final files.

Book printing consulting

With so many publishing services out there, it can get confusing knowing which company to go with. Do you go with a print on demand company, print the book yourself, or look for a publisher? Which company should you go with? Which options should you pick or not pick? How do you get the best value for your money?

I advise you on how to approach book printers, advise on your costs, and process. Once the consult session is over, you’ll have the tools to contact a printer or Print on Demand company yourself, or have GoodBooks be the intermediary for you.

Print management

In consultation, we can help you determine which printing service to go with: from which print on demand service to choose, or whether you should go with a printing press.

If you choose print on demand service like Createspace or Lulu, GoodBooks will format your book according to the POD’s specifications, set up your book on either service.

If you choose to print your book yourself, GoodBooks will obtain printer quotes and manage the process of printing.


Done writing your manuscript? Let GoodBooks go through it to ensure that it’s grammatically correct. We’ll also check for spelling errors and check your facts to make sure the book content is accurate and consistent.

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